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Mining methods

Oct 23, 2011· Mining methods for s teeply dipping and massive deposits Self supported methods Sublevel caving Block caving Induced Block Caving Sublevel stoping Undercut and fill stoping Square-set stoping Cut-and-fill stoping Shrinkage stoping With caving of overburden Without caving of overburden Supported methods Large open stope mining Top slicing ....saber mais

Westgold Resources Limited :

Westgold Resources Limited is pleased to advise that underground sub-level cave stoping has recommenced at the Cue Gold Operations Big Bell underground mine The first mass cave blast was initiated, | March 4, 2020...saber mais

Westgold recommences underground sub

Westgold Resources Limited (ASX: WGX) has announced a positive update on its Cue Gold Operations in Western Australia The company reported that it has recommenced the underground sub-level cave mining at Big Bell WGX noted that the new extraction method and significantly enhanced ground support reduces geotechnical risk...saber mais

Invicta Mine Feasibility Report 0

The study presents the operating and capital costs of mining and processing and it includes a financial analysis by Stanford Group - Stanford Consulting Peru SRL The Lokhorst Group was responsible for the auditing of all reports, assembling of all data, and compiling the report...saber mais

Yamana Gold Inc

Feb 16, 2017· Costs in 2017 are estimated based on lower recoveries as there is more reliance on underground material than the preceding year Costs should improve throughout the guidance period as recent oxide discoveries are developed and as the costs related to underground sub-level stoping improve after initial one-time upfront costs...saber mais

Effect of stope size on sustainable steady

AbstractAn orebody utilising sub-level open stoping can have an intrinsic constraining limit in the production rate achievable that relates to the number of stopes that can be in some phase of the stope cycle at any one time This constraining limit, the number of stopes, can be changed by decreasing the cut-off grade or by decreasing the stope size...saber mais

Underground Sub

12 days ago· \Westgold Resources Limited (Westgold or the Company) is pleased to advise that underground sub-level cave stoping has recommenced at the Cue Gold Operations (CGO) Big Bell underground mine The first mass cave blast was initiated on Monday 2 March, 2020 and paves the way for the planned ramp...saber mais


Operating and capital costs, per pound of copper, during the project are summarized as follows: Phases 1-3 Phase 4 Onward Life of Project Site Operating cost $110 $071 $075 Cobalt Credit ($052) Total After Cobalt Credit $022 Transportation and Marketing ,...saber mais

Keeping up with caving

mining, panel caving offers low operating costs, and lower development costs due to its progressive approach SuB-LeVeL CAVING Sub-level caving is sometimes used where large open pit mining operations transition to underground extraction methods, although it is often used for independent underground projects too...saber mais

Avoca methods of mining

1 Overview Avoca Method of mining is a variation of sublevel stoping method with the introduction of waste rockfill as backfill This method is popular in high grade epithermal vein deposits where the strength and conditions of the walls of the open stopes are weak to moderate and require backfilling of waste rock to stabilise the walls, minimise the ore dilution and maximise the ore recovery...saber mais

Sub Level Caving

Mar 22, 2007· A method of underground mining operation...saber mais

Mining Feasibility, Pre

His operating experience includes narrow vein gold mining at Giant Mine near Yellowknife, a room and pillar and bulk mining zinc-copper operation at Myra Falls on Vancouver Island, sub-level caving, open stopping and remnant mining at the nickel-copper Sudbury basin with Vale and caving and VCR methods at the DeBeers Kimberley diamond mines in ....saber mais

Underground Mining Methods

Cost Estimating for Underground Min View Section, 5 Mineral and Metal Prices: Mechanisms, Instability, and Trends , Sublevel Open Stoping-Design and Planning at the Olympic Dam Mine View Section, , Methods to Mine the Ultra-Deep Tabular Gold-Bearing Reefs of the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa View Section, ....saber mais

Transverse longhole stoping

Working capital, based on 2 months of operating costs, was included in the capital cost of each mine and mill model Working capital covers the cost of meeting operating costs in the initial stages of production, before revenue is generated from the first shipments of product (concentrates or dote) This value can vary from 2 to 6 months...saber mais

Considerations for Sublevel Open Stoping

Sublevel stoping generally is a large-scale open stoping method It sometimes is referred to as long-hole or blasthole stoping This method usually is applied to strong ore bodies that require minimal support and are surrounded by strong country rock The ore body should be ,...saber mais

Christian Ed Uytico

1 Effectively planned and de-risked the mining operations against adverse geotechnical conditions that present risk to the short and long-term objectives of the open pit and underground (sublevel-open stoping) Didipio Gold Project 2...saber mais

sublevel open stoping mining cost

Sub-level open stoping - QueensMineDesignWiki A breakdown of mining costs for a typical sublevel open stoping operation The pie chart accurately represents the development....saber mais

Underground Mining Methods Handbook

Sublevel Stoping of the EB Massive Reefs at Loraine Gold Mines, Ltd No 3 Shaft Vein Mining at LKAB, Malmberget, Sweden Large Blasthole Stoping at Rodsand Gruber, Norway , Cost Estimation for Sublevel Stoping Shrinkage Stoping Introduction to Shrinkage Stoping Shrinkage Stoping at ,...saber mais