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Ground Penetrating Radar

The ground penetrating radar is used to augment our other locating techniqu The radar is used to detect pipes, cables and other anomali A unique feature of the radar is that under some conditions, it can locate nonmetal lines, trenches where lines were buried and many other buried objects...saber mais

Ground Penetrating Radar | Kellyco | 855

The Gepard GPR is a very flexible, transportable and powerful ground penetrating radar for detecting underground items like pipelines, cavities, cables, conduits, tunnels, bunkers, foundations and the like The Gepard ground penetrating radar uses an omnidirectional unshielded transmission system to reach maximum depths up to 40 meters deep...saber mais

Ground penetrating radar, Ground radar

A specialised ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, RIS MF Hi-Mod is capable of investigating large areas, providing a 3D view of the subsoil with a high capability of resolution and penetration depth ....saber mais

Ground penetrating radar LOZA

Ground penetrating radar LOZA-N GPR LOZA-N ( 1 - 50 MHz) is a lowrange pulse electromagnetic geoprobe, allowing to explore the soil at a depths more than 200 meters, (up to 400 m, with optional 20 MW transmitter and 10 MHz antennas used), depending on the geoprobe model, antenna used and medium parameters...saber mais

List of ground penetrating radar (GPR ,

Jun 29, 2017· List of ground penetrating radar (GPR/Georadar) system/equipment manufacturers Post by Resource » Thu Oct 29, 2009 8:30 pm Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc (GSSI), USA...saber mais

Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses RADAR to detect features underground This can range from changes in soil composition to buried objects such as utility cables and pip It works by transmitting an electromagnetic pulse into the ground at regular intervals These pulses reflect off features in the ground and are detected by a receiver antenna...saber mais

Ground Penetrating Radar Products

Find all companies manufacturing, distributing or renting Ground Penetrating Radar on Heavy Equipment Guide...saber mais

Ground Penetrating Radar

Find details of companies offering ground penetrating radar at best price Listed manufacturers, suppliers, dealers & exporters are offering best deals for ground penetrating radar...saber mais

100 Series Geophysical Ground Penetrating Radar GPR

100 Series is our deepest-penetrating ground penetrating radar (GPR) system and is popular for a wide variety of geophysical applications , GPR is not a one size fits all type of product For this reason, in addition to our own software, our data can also be processed in several third party software packag...saber mais

3D Ground Penetrating Radar

Portable Ground Penetrating Radar for a variety of field applications The Gepard GPR is a multifunctional, portable and easy-to-use ground penetrating radar for professional as well as semi-professional users in the field of industry, archaeology and treasure hunting Learn more...saber mais

Ground Penetrating Radars

Ground-penetrating Radar (GPR) enables the non-destructive characterisation of the subsoil by using electromagnetic wav In the civil sector GPR is used to investigate the upper layers of the Earth's crust, whereas in the military sector it can be used to detect mines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) in combination with UXO Detection and Analysis Software...saber mais

Ground Penetrating Radar Post Processing

3D and Post Processing of GPR Data Email us your dzt files We create a report for you and/or your clients Rent equipment from us, save the data, ship the equipment back and receive a report without the need to hire a GPR company We post process for you whether you have GSSI equipment or any other brand Call us at (480) 788-9849 for pricing and availability...saber mais