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The Sigma Zoom

The Sigma Zoom-Master 35-70mm f/28-4 is a standard manual zoom lens for SLR cameras Posted by: photocorner Date of publication: 01112011 Start a discussion about this lens on our forum...saber mais

Sigma Zoom

Jun 29, 2019· Sigma Zoom-Master 35-70mm 28 - 4 Dec 15, 2004 Has anyone used a Sigma Zoom-Master 35-70 with an SD ? I have an opportunity to buy one, sight unseen It's attached to a Sigma SA1 so I presume the bayonet fittings match OK? Or will I damage anything on my SD9? Obviously auto-focus and SD aperture control won't function, that's fine with me ....saber mais


Feb 26, 2011· SIGMA ZOOM-MASTER 35-70MM F/28-4 PRODUCT ID: SF101123 OVERVIEW Sigma Corporation is a Japanese company founded in 1961, manufacturing cameras, lenses, flashes and other photographic accessories in the company's own Aizu factory in Bandai, Fukushima, Japan Although Sigma produces several camera models, the company is best known for producing lenses ,...saber mais

Sigma Zoom Master 35

Nov 18, 2016· dsmlogger wrote: I had a Sigma 35-70 f28-4 for a while, it was combo with an Olympus OM-10 It was surprisingly sharp on my Olympus E-3 but I constantly felt that there was something missing The colours were a bit dull and the bokeh was uninteresting...saber mais

The Sigma AF 35

Sigma AF 35-70 mm f/ 35-45 Zoom Master MC Official mobile app "All Photo Lenses" for Andro Attention! For your device is available official mobile app "All Photo Lenses" from AllPhotoLens Download it and you will be able to work with the lens database is much faster and easier...saber mais

SIGMA zoom master 35

Jan 08, 2017· SIGMA zoom master 35-70mm f/28~4 ( pk mount) Sample pictures from the lens shot with Pentax q + 02 lens Sample pictures / movies shot with Canon 60d with an....saber mais

Amazon : SIGMA ZOOM Master f/28

With excellent mechanical quality and legendary Sigma build quality, the Zoom-Master 35-70mm for Canon mount lens is still very lightweight and compact, so it remains an excellent choice as an on-camera lens for both digital cameras as well as legacy film cameras...saber mais